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Career Opportunities


If you are a newly licensed agent, an agent not getting the results you want, or a professional looking for a little more freedom, we need to talk.

Dear future team member,
Did you know 85% of newly licensed realtors leave their careers within two years? This is often due to Lack of Training and Support, Shortage of Leads, Conversion and Mentorship. You don’t have to be another statistic.
If you’re a frustrated real estate agent, you’re likely stuck and don’t know what to do next to take your career to the next level and probably seeing these issues:

  • Having a lack of support and No Mentorship

    •Having no accountability or access to the right training

    •Not knowing where your next check is coming from

    •Being bombarded by “new” shiny products that cost a fortune.

    •Having a lack of systems and tools

    •Not having a fun work culture

    •Not having a clear plan to increase your business

Does this all sound painfully familiar? If so, keep reading, because the bottom line is that without consistent income, it’s not worth the pain.


Hi! I am Bryan Colemere, co-owner of Colemere Realty and a third generation realtor, Colemere Realty has been selling real estate in Utah since 1953.  Over the past couple years I decided it was time to grow my team and share what has made myself and Colemere agents successful.  In doing so I have taken my team from 19 million in sales volume to 80 million and we are on track to double that number in next 18 months.  To say thank you, we want to give back to the Salt Lake Agent Community.

Every month, we will showcase a different area of our business that has allowed us to grow to where we are today. We will be covering topics like lead generation, lead conversion, culture, coaching, accountability, systems, and strategies that will allow you to scale your team and/or your brokerage.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes that will help you change your business!

If you have any questions, or are looking to join Colemere Realty Team, give me or Casey Hansen a call at 801-598-8313. You can also email me:

Finally, be sure to check out the Coach Colemere page on Facebook, where we have built a community in which agents aspiring to do more can trade ideas, ask questions, and post concerns in and around the real estate industry in the Salt Lake & Surrounding areas.